Christmas Party Nights

Winstanley House Leicester

Party band!


Last weekend we had the pleasure of performing for three nights at the new Winstanley House in Leicester.

There's lots of history surrounding this venue, check their website out for more information

All three nights we're very well attended, with the Saturday having the highest turnout. The food looked amazing, as did the freshly decorated room.

Really hope we get asked back next year!

Enjoy a few pics from Saturday night.



Brittany Ferries Pont Aven

Ha'Pe Duo on the Brittany Ferries Pont Aven


Way back in November we boarded the Pont Aven, for a week long trip.

Our schedule was like this....


Portsmouth to Santander

Santander to Portsmouth

Portsmouth to St Malo

St Malo to Portsmouth

Portsmouth to Santander

Santander to Portsmouth


So it was pretty full on. We managed to have an evening in Santander and half a day, then a few hours in St Malo.

For the rest of the time we we're onboard entertaining the passengers. Most days we did three sets, one acoustic in the afternoon, and another in the evening. The last set of the night we changed it up a little, I picked up an electric guitar and we played along to some backing tracks I put together. This made us a bit more varied for the passengers, and it went down great!

Big thanks to the excellent Mark James for being a great host, compare & magician all week.

Enjoy a few photos from the week.




A Busy Time Coming Up!

Weddings & Corporate Events!


Ha'Pe have a busy few months coming up

We have weddings with the full band, some couples have added on an acoustic set or two for the drinks reception as well.

We have two nights with the band at Centre Parcs over in Sherwood Forrest for the annual Halloween party nights. You can be sure we'll be getting dressed up for those!

In November we're boarding the Brittany Ferries Pont Aven for a week.

This is a little different from last time. It's a much bigger ship for start, so there is a stage. We'll be doing two acoustic sets in the afternoon, and in the evening we'll be incorporating some backing tracks to create more of a full band sound.. and i'll be switching to the Electric Guitar!




Our First Birthday

Ha'Pe Acoustic Duo is One year old!

Celebrating after a pub gig in Nottingham (with cake)


We've recently had our first Birthday, what a great year we have to look back on. But lets not spend too much time looking backwards, the future is where we are heading.

In 12 months we've played private parties, weddings, first dances, operatic balls, on a ship, in bars & outdoor festivals to name but a few.

We now have a repertoire over 4 hours long, and it keeps expanding with every gig we do. No set is ever the same, which is a beautiful thing for a musician, keeps things fresh.

So whats happening in the next 12 months???

Well, more of the same, much more!

We're also going to start work on the Full Band. There is one in place at the moment, but we have some big ideas to make it more than just a party/function band.

We're planning to do a full acoustic band tailored for those venues with strict sound limiters, it'll be very much a 'live lounge' type sound.

To add to the full electric party band, we're going to add in some themed sections (Soul & Motown, Disco, Pop etc) 

For now, enjoy a photo of Hayley eating some Birthday Cake ;-)

Brilliant weekend of Gigs!

Pubs, Bars & Family Fun days

On Friday we played at the Man On The Moon pub in Kings Norton, a new venue for us so as usual we didn't know quite what to expect.

The first set was a little quiet with a few people singing along. The second set however was totally different! From the very first song we had people up dancing, the 45 min set easily turned into an hour. Despite having over 4 hours or rehearsed material we always like to push ourselves and try the odd request. We took two requests and decided to try them out, we'd both performed the songs in previous bands, but not together in this stripped back acoustic style.

And it's very nearly worked!! Obviously a rehearsal would have been a good idea, but we like to give the crowd what they want ;-)

Saturday we played a short set for Tom Browns as part of their Summer Fun Garden Party. There were two other great acts and a very good magician. It was a perfect day for it, lots of sunshine, beer, gin and bbq!

Enjoy a few pics




Pub Gig & Trying Out The New Mixing Desk

Do you know Ha'Pe Acoustic Duo also plays pubs and bars??

On Saturday the 27th May we played at Calders Green in Sutton Coldfield, It was out first time there so we didn't quite know what to expect.

We did our usual thing earlier in the week and had a few conversations about putting 4 new songs in the set. Being able to add songs like this is truly amazing for musicians, things never get boring!

We did the first set and knew we were ok for the rest of the night, the lovely crowd was with us all the way through. We had tables of people singing along and dancers in front of us!

During the break we chatted to a few of the locals who informed us that they were expecting a solo Motown singer who sadly broke his leg a few days before, so we were (to excuse the pun) standing in ;-)

The 2nd set was incredible. We were booked for 2x45 min sets which is pretty standard, but our 2nd set lasted 1h15 mins! We we're just having such a fun time, and we have lots of songs in our repertoire.

Sadly I didn't take the video camera's this time, I was however trailing out something new...

After chatting to a bride & groom of a recent wedding it became obvious that due to their busy day they didn't actually get to hear us perform... Their guests did, but they were either chatting or being taken away by the photographer for some couple shots. But they saw the little video I posted to Facebook and commented "i didn't know you were going to play that song, i love that one!"

So it got me thinking, why not record our set and present it to the bride & groom afterwards??!!

But it has to be an amazing quality recording!

A quick upgrade of the mixing desk and we are now able to record every set we play!

I did a quick test at the Calders Green gig and everything worked as it should. I also at the time trialled out some actual DJ software, rather than simply running iTunes like lots of other bands do.

The recordings will go live on the website in a few days once they have been mixed.

New Mixing desk, all set to record the live set

New Mixing desk, all set to record the live set

Actual DJ software with a great playlist!

Actual DJ software with a great playlist!

Stu & Jody's wedding

One of the best weddings ever!


Last weekend we had the pleasure of performing for Stu & Jody at The Big Barn in Ashley near Market Harborough.

Stu had gone all out making the bar's, photo booth, hook a duck table (yes really!!) all by himself. Also with him being and incredible musician, (with his own band, rehearsal & recording studio) he had kitted the huge stage out with quality equipment for us.

We started performing when the guests arrived from the church, we did an hour of acoustic music, check out a few snippets in the clip below!


After we had the lovely meal (thanks guys!) we performed two sets as the full band, including the encore featuring the Groom himself.


Congratulations to you both!






Beautiful wedding music.

Acoustic Duo For Hire

On Saturday we're performing at our first wedding of the year!

At 1pm we play some beautiful acoustic music at a stunning venue, Dodmoor House .

We'll be doing two sets of laid back acoustic music, hopefully outdoors if the weather is nice. We have been given some ideas of the couples favourite songs, and are happily putting a few in the set to hopefully make their big day that little bit extra special.

In the evening we await the arrival of the Night Shift Band , Pete's wedding/function band. They are getting the party started by playing the requested first dance before commencing with their party sets. They will also be taking care of DJ duties throughout the night until midnight.


If you know anyone getting married, do send them our way!

A busy weekend...

Ha'Pe to be playing some lovely pubs!

So last weekend was a busy one for us, with two gigs.

Saturday we travelled to Bridgnorth to perform at the Black Horse Pub. It's a lovely place that's had a recent major refurbishment, including some amazing hotel rooms to the rear. Our first set was a little a nice chilled selection of music. We saved the more uptempo songs for the next set, and it was well worth it!

To see and hear a whole pub singing the songs that you are playing right back at you is an amazing thing, then to have the audience dancing as well...! we were very Ha'Pe ;-)

Sunday we returned to O'Neills on Broad Street Birmingham. We've performed here before in November last year and we had a great night. When the manager says you're in his top 3 acts that he has on, you kind of know you've done something right!

The crowd was a little smaller on Sunday, but it was perfectly formed with people that just wanted to hear some great music. Shout out to the 4 students from Europe who stayed all night to sing along, we appreciated it!

Here are a a few short video clips from the weekend..


Sailing the sea's

Ha'Pe Music at sea!

We took our acoustic duo across the channel 

Music not just for Weddings!!


Towards the end of 2016 we were asked if we'd like to perform on the Brittany Ferries ship 'Cap Finistère' for 5 days in January. Naturally we said YES!

So on Friday 27th January we drove down to Portsmouth to start our mini adventure. We were greeted at the dock by the on board entertainment team Byron & Lucy, they helped us with all the logistics of loading on equipment and setting up etc.

We set sail around 5pm, our first set wasn't till 8:45pm so we had a little time to check out the rest of the ship, have dinner and generally settle in.

We performed two sets, mainly to families and lorry drivers from the UK, France, Spain and Portugal.

Here's a rough look at our itinerary for the 5 days..

Friday 2pm arrive at Portsmouth dock

Friday 5pm - Portsmouth to Santander Spain (24hr crossing)

Saturday 7pm- Santander to Porstmouth (24hr crossing)

Sunday 9pm - Portsmouth to Roscoff France 

Monday 7am Roscoff to Bilbao

Tuesday 9am - Bilbao to Portsmouth 

Wednesday 10am arrive back in Portsmouth

Every afternoon when on the ship we performed a very relaxed set of songs, then in the evening we upped the tempo! 

It was nice to get off the ship for 2hrs in Santander with Lucy & Byron, from what we saw it's a very traditional town, which has some amazing bars! #sangria 

The only other time we got off the ship was in Portsmouth on Sunday evening, and only being off for a few hours there's not much you can do... apart from visit the Ship & Castle pub #ale

Overall it was a fantastic experience for us, we performed a wide variety of songs to a wide variety of people.. We simply had a great time. 

Apart from a little motion sickness on the Tuesday lol!!

Below are a few photos from our time on the ship, there will be a video coming in the next week or so.

A walk around Nottingham

Friday the 13, what better to do than walk 3 miles around Nottingham?! 

That's exactly what we did. Armed with flyers and a little chat, we popped into a few fine venues to introduce ourselves & offer our services.  

Was it a success?  

Well, we confirmed 3 bookings on the day.. So Yes!  

Nottingham and a few of its surrounding areas seem to be transforming at the moment.  Lots of nice new craft beer bars, micro pubs, awesome coffee houses, specialist gin companies etc

In the 4 hours we spent walking around we didn't get to go everywhere we wanted to, so another trip is required. Then we really should do Leicester, and Coventry and...  

Maybe you have a suggestion where we could try?! Got a great local, let us know!  

Pete & Hayley  

Playing at a bar near you very soon!   

What happened next...

So after a summer of really enjoyable gigs, it was obvious we had to continue with this little acoustic duo project. The comments from brides & grooms, bar staff, wedding co-ordinators etc was all positive, but the main thing..

We are having FUN doing this!


So we set about getting some promotional material in order. Audio clips, video, website, business cards etc. most of it was done by ourselves, audio recorded in my conservatory, first set of photos in my lounge with a smoke machine and a few lights lol. 

For the first video we had the help of our friend Phil Vernon  & The Exchange Bar in Leicester. We set up Phil's camera and mine with a few mic's and that was it.


For the next video we wanted a totally different look to it, and i really wanted to use one of my favourite venues The Old Stables at the Griffin Inn, Swithland . Another friend Leigh Blount offered to do the video recording for us, but with a slightly different approach to the audio recording. The guitar & vocal mic were put through our normal mixing desk that we use for every live performance, this was then sent to an audio recorder to capture the sound.

We'd booked in to exhibit at a few Wedding Fayres during November, so I enlisted the help of my old band mate Dean Cudbill and his company Revolve 360 . Dean designed our logo, banner, flyers and business cards, and had them all printed up ready for the first wedding fayre and the second video.


Wedding Fayres

I'm never sure how good these are for musicians, but they are promotion none the less! I would hate to be a photographer/videographer at one of these, at the last fayre there were 4 photographers and 6 videographers in the same room! the only other musicians there were a singer with backing tracks and a string quartet, very different from us. We did meet some great people there, and it's looking like video number 3 will be done by one of those kind people!.

Acoustic wedding music, wedding fayre Nottingham

Acoustic wedding music, wedding fayre Nottingham

We are Ha'Pe - Hayley & Pete - pronounced 'Happy'!!


We we're made aware of each other by a mutual friend around Easter time 2016. I needed a stand in vocalist for my band The Night Shift . Our regular vocalist was taking two months maternity leave during the summer months, and we had a pretty full diary.

During the initial phone calls and emails regarding Night Shift, Hayley had an enquiry for an acoustic show at Coventry Golf Club. I said i'd gladly do it, as it had been a while since i'd done a whole gig on acoustic guitar. And it was lots of fun!


Our first event, a corporate gig for senior Doctors and Nurses, part of the NHS.

Our first event, a corporate gig for senior Doctors and Nurses, part of the NHS.


Hayley's first gig with The Night Shift was a smashing wedding over at Langar Hall  near Nottingham. Everything ran smooth, and it was obvious from both of these event's that there was a mutual respect and similar work ethic. But most of all, a solid friendship.

The first performance of The Night Shift band, with Hayley on vocals.

The first performance of The Night Shift band, with Hayley on vocals.

From here Hayley and I performed acoustically at a few of the Night Shift Weddings, including during the ceremony at the fantastic Normanton Church at Rutland Water. 

We were also asked to perform a lively acoustic set for Reading Operatic Society and then DJ afterwards. It was a great night from start to finish, the three course meal they kindly provided was greatly received! 

Hayley doing her DJ stint after the acoustic set

Hayley doing her DJ stint after the acoustic set